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Beauty Direct From Nature

Alofé brings you a range of skincare treatments containing the powerful active ingredients locked up in the African Cape Aloe, effectively penetrating your skin to offer immediate and unmistakable results. The Alofé range of products is the result of rigorous research and development concerning the Arfican Cape Aloe or Aloe ferox, a member of the Asphodelaceae family that grows in the wild throughout the Southern Cape Province of South Africa.

Our quest for wellness and beauty has taken us far and wide. What this journey has taught us is to value the extraordinary potency of plants humans have relied on through the ages.

African Cape Aloe is nature's ultimate healer and rejuvenator. It is indigenous to South Africa and unique in the concentration of its active ingredients and the versatility of its application.

African Cape Aloe is particularly well suited for skincare. It is rich in polysaccharides and other plant metabolites, as well as contains amino acids and minerals, so it contributes to soft and smooth skin that is hydrated, nourished and rejuvenated. Independant tests have shown its superior amino acid content in comparison to other aloe species.

The Benefits of African Cape Aloe